how to find a cat

How To Find a Lost Cat?

Many people have the idea that cats tend to be independent and too smart to get lost. This is true…

do cats cry

Do Cats Cry?

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are cats loyal to their owners

Are Cats Loyal?

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Can cats be homosexual

Can Cats Be Gay or Homosexual?

  Darwin’s law of evolution states that the main purpose of sex is to reproduce. Humans, compared to cats, have…

Why do cats sleep so much

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

On the armchair, on the couch, on the windowsill, by the fireplace, and next to the computer. Where it is…


Why Do Cats Purr?

  Cat purring is an unusual form of communication and occurs in species of the feline family. Along with meowing, hissing, and growling, purring is an important signal to everyone…Continue Reading →

Do Cats Remember People

Do Cats Remember People?

Do Cats Remember People? Unlike their canine counterparts, cats tend to be a bit more complex. Particularly with regards to…