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Do cats cry? Every animal has feelings, and as much as you may not catch your cat crying or you have never been able to figure out when your cat is crying, well, yes, cats do cry. Research has proven that cats can cry true tears when hurt in pain. The big question is, when do cats cry, and how do you know your cat is crying?

Before we get to that, it is crucial to know the different kinds of sounds that cats produce and what they mean. The first step to identifying when your cat is crying is knowing the sounds that cats produce in different situations and what they mean.

They include;

  • Meowing

We all know that cats meow as a way of communication. The cat may meow if it wants to get out if it sees you eating and wants some food, or even when the kitten is communicating with its mother. Also, when you call or try to talk to your cat, it will meow as a way of responding to you. In most cases, you will notice that when the cat is meowing, it will rub its body against you or lie on you.

The difference

When the meow is at a high pitch and is constant, or if the cat is in love with you, then it shows the cat is happy.

But, if the meow is in low pitches and you can see the cat is restless, probably pacing around the room or just sitting in the same place without moving its body much, it could be the cat is sick or is generally crying for help.

  • Purring

This is a sweet sound that a cat will produce if it feels love and is delighted. When petting the cat or when an adult mother is playing with her kitten, it will produce a purring sound. The cat will produce a gentle, deep throat rumbling sound when purring in happiness to distinguish it. If the sound changes, then know your cat is crying

  • Hissing sound

The hissing sound is common if your cat is in pain or danger. If an endangering animal confronts a cat, the hissing sounds are accompanied by an arched back, where the cat stays on standby to fight back, and you may notice its fur standing up. But, if you notice the cat is hissing and there is no danger around it, then rush it to a vet as it could be a pained hiss.

  • Yowling

When your cat yowl, it could be mating, feeling uncomfortable, or being worried about something that could harm it. But the difference occurs when the yowling won’t stop or stays for a while; it stops and then starts again. This indicates that the cat is really in pain or has a health issue causing pain.

Do cats tear when they cry?

Although cats are not like human beings who immediately start to tear down when crying, they also do tear up when in pain. If the cat is in so much pain, you will notice tears forming in its eyes.

What should you do when the cat is crying?

  • Don’t scold the cat or shout at it to shut up; instead, give it a few moments to see if the crying will stop and keep an eye on it to see its creations while crying.
  • If the cat starts to grow in distress or changes its sound from a light meow to a low pitch meow or yowling, then get the cat medical help as soon as possible.
  • You should also check your surroundings as it could be that the cat dangerous and is trying to notify you.

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