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Can Cats See TV?

Kitties are the most exciting pets out there. Sometimes they do some incredible things that we expect less of them. Sometimes these furry friends amaze us, don’t be surprised to come back and find your feline family member playing or trying to attack a spider on your tv screen. It is impressive to see it watching, but it does not mean it is a good thing. Do these fellows see images as humans? You’ve found your kitty enjoying watching and wondered if it is good for it to see tv? Check out here

Can Cats See TV


Can cats see tv?

Yes, cats can see tv, but they process the images differently from humans. Television images are more challenging for kitties to recognize and see because their process rate is faster than what the television shows. They see many colors as they are, but some red colors are desaturated. Moreover, cats can identify different movements, outlines, and sounds on tv screens. Cats find it hard to see images on older television because of their faster processing speed. However, with modern TVs and mobile handsets, images are rapidly created faster enough than even the cat’s super-sensitive vision. Therefore cats can see pictures on both television and mobile devices.

Is it advisable to let my cat watch television?

There is no harm to let your furry friend watch tv as long as you don’t leave it to look at the screen all day without engaging in anything else. It is not advisable to supplant tv watching time with active play because cats do not like some extent of physical exercise. Excess exercise can lead to some harmful impacts on the cat. Moreover, regulate the light level whenever you want your furry friend to watch television. Mobile devices and televisions emit a high level of light, affecting a cat’s mood and disrupting its sleep.

Is it wrong for a cat to watch tv?

It is not a bad idea to have your cat watch tv. But you may want to limit the amount of time the kitty spends on television and the watching distance. Cats spending much time watching tv cannot differentiate between what is real and what is not.

Understanding what your feline can see on tv

Some things can change how a cat interacts with television. The most important one is what your cat can see. This depends on your kitty’s ability to perceive color and depth and how old your tv is.

Color and depth perception for cats

If your kitty has good vision, it has excellent depth perception and can see blue, yellow, and green colors. That implies that even if they don’t see technicolor, the actual images your cat sees are almost similar to the one you see. Cats with an eye infection or with one eye, or other issues, are less likely to see images as humans do. And they find pictures less interesting than cats with their excellent eyesight.


Can Cats See TV

Can your kitty understand tv sound?

Cats can hear sounds coming from TVs but what is unknown is if the sounds are natural to them and the amount of volume they can be comfortable with. Besides that, cats can be confused about the tv sound because their hearing is designed to help them pinpoint the prey’s location. But with the frame, rate newer television versions have better sound systems that are convincing. Either way, a kitty interested in television is also interested in the sounds coming from the television.

What does a cat see on television?

As earlier mentioned, cats see things differently, but these variations go beyond a different sense of color on the screen. A cat sees tv makes as a series of stills because in even modern TVs. While humans need twenty frames per second to see a movement on the screen as clean and smooth, the cats require about one hundred frames per second for a similar experience.


Due to the prolonged interactions with humans, cats have started mimicking humans and behaving like them. They often try to do what other family members are doing. These felines have even gone further to watching tv. While watching television is not bad for these furry friends, it is not recommended to leave them to watch for a more extended period that might interfere with their vision.

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