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Why Do Cats Loaf?

When it comes to pet ownership, there are cat and dog persons. Those who choose to settle for cats, get to have a pet and a way of keeping insects and rodents away from their house. Cats also are a great company and cat owners ought to know their cats’ welfare just by watching the cat for some time.

Cats position themselves in different ways when they are seated, and the way they are seated does speak a lot about how the cat feels. Cat loaf is a word used for a certain cat sitting position, that looks like a loaf, where the cat hides the tail and the paws beneath it. It does not matter how old or young your cat is, as they all loaf, and loafing can be a sign of communication. Below are some of the reasons why do cats loaf;

Why Do Cats Loaf

  • Thermoregulation.

Observe your cat now and then to know if it’s doing well. Communication with your cat is vital for the health and happiness of your cat. There are so many reasons associated with cat loafing. This is why you need to be very cautious about your cat loafing. This is because you will learn so much from the body language they display.

Your cat can loaf as a result of thermoregulation. For a healthy cat, the temperature should be between 100.5-103 degrees Fahrenheit. When cats loaf, they can conserve their body heat which keeps them warm. If you see your cat acting weird, find out what temperature its body is in to know if that’s the problem disturbing their peace.

  • Happiness

You know the feeling when you are happy and content, that’s a feeling that even the cats experience. A cat can loaf because of how happy it is feeling, and watching this is so sweet. A happy cat equals a happy you. The moment you have a content cat you feel that you have achieved as the best cat owner ever.

  • Sickness or Injury

Loafing can be a sign that your cat is sick or has an injury. It is always good that you check up on your cat when you see it loafing to be sure of its condition. It is unusual for cats to clearly show they are not feeling well because they conceal everything so well.

  • For Warmth

When it is cold, it is rather normal to find your cat loafing as this is one way they can keep warm. A cat will loaf as it is a comfortable sitting position for them as it enables them to stand faster whenever they need to.

  • Feeling Safe

When you see a cat loafing, it is a clear sign that it is being treated well. This cat is not nervous or tense in any way. Safety is what the cats feel when they loaf as they feel that they are in a good environment where they don’t need to feel scared.

  • Avoiding to Be Touched

Cats can loaf when they don’t want to be touched by anybody. The reason why they may avoid your touch is maybe that they are irritable or injured. You will know if your cat is well if it loafs and it remains active. Cats love it when they are touched as it relaxes them so be alert in case you see your cat loafing and trying to keep your hands away from it.

  • No Particular Reason

At times, when cats loaf, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong or right because they do things without having any reason. With this knowledge, whenever you see your cat loafing, don’t have the worst ideas yet. Contrary, cat loafing is a good thing as the loaf position keeps them alert: in case of anything, they will manage to act fast.


Decode the behavior of your cat to be sure of their feelings as this is the only way. In case you notice something unfamiliar about your cat, seek the expertise of a vet who will help you know the way your cat is doing. It does not hurt taking your cat to the vet as it is the safest way of being sure your cat is healthy. The adorable loaf position in cats is so great as it offers your cat some freedom to feel safe and comfortable which generally offers them great happiness.

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