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Necessary Items If You Have a Cat at Home

A home with and without a cat can never be similar in terms of appearance and contents. There are necessary things that a pet owner needs to have before bringing a new cat home. As soon as the cat arrives home, he should begin exploring and get used to things around. Just like human beings, these creatures also deserve comfort while at home. Here are the items that can make your home perfect for this cunning family member.


Cat Litter Box

This is one of the essential must-have items any cat owner should have at home. Whether you are an experienced pet owner or planning to bring a new cat home, a cat litter box is a must-have necessity. Litter boxes are of different styles to meet various pet and pet owner’s needs. For instance, a self-cleaning litter box collects dirty jumble after the kitty has used the box. This item’s role is to ensure that the cat’s litter does not scatter all over the house. Although most cat owners prefer self-cleaning litter cartons because of their sanitation help, the packs are pretty pricey, and the cleaning mechanism can seldom frighten and scare cats. The second option is the hooded litter box that gives a cat some privacy, but some cats get terrified by the hood. There is a plain plastic box with a kitty box with kitty litter from the inside. While finding a litter box, find out what your cat likes and make the apt choice.

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Cat Litter Box

Cat Bed

Although cats can sleep anywhere, a cat bed acts as an ideal napping spot for the cat. The bed should be soft, warm, comfy, and be situated in a cozy and secure place for the kitty. Moreover, the bed should be large enough to accommodate the pet while giving room for stretching. However, the bed should be small enough to make the cat feel secure. There are several cat beds in the markets that can fit various budgets and pet needs. You can consider the Amazing Thermo-Kitty Pad , which is cost-effective in even tight budgets. The other option is the Kitty Still EZWindow Mount.

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cat Home


Scratching Posts

If you have ever been with a cat, you are pretty sure that cats like scratching themselves. In this case, a cat scratching post will help. The post should have a sturdy base to prevent it from tipping over. Additionally, the post should feature the kitty’s height; this ensures that it can stand on the hind legs and get an excellent scratch. The stretch and scratch cardboard toy can change into tree shapes, hence perfect for cat’s needs. Having a cat scratching post will save you from having cat fur on your household items like on sofas.

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Cat Toys

Cats love playing, and providing them with play toys can be an excellent way to make them active. Provide your kitty with a variety of safe toys to play with. Since pouncing favorite activity for most cats, catnip-filled mice and balls are great options. If you are stuck in which toy can perfectly work for your pet, you can consider the EZ Mount Track n’Trackn’t roll, which can mount to any glass surfaces besides providing hours of interactive fun. The toy can fit I. Glass windows, doors, or even in the fridge to entertain the kitty. The other option is the Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants. Pet owners should examine every you before purchasing to ensure that it is safe for their pets. It is also important not to give a cat a toy with small parts to prevent your cat from choking.

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cat toys


Food is not only a basic need for human beings but also pets. Just like any living thing, cats need food to survive. Without food, any comfy environment will cease being useful. There are various pet foods at the market but remember to stick to one kind of diet that the pet loves. The type of food that your pet can love depends on their age; for instance, kittens need a special diet while older cats need a specifically formulated diet for mature cats. If your cat is used to you, you can consider having a cat dental kit on hand.

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Water and Food Bowls

Since water and food are essential for a cat’s general well-being, it is essential to have bowls to hold food and water. You shouldn’t just put your cat’s feeds on the floor while feeding. Consider having a clean and inviting water and food dish. An excellent water bowl option is the K and H Clean Flow Filtered Water Bowl for Cats. The bowl filters content one hundred and thirty times an hour through a charcoal filter that helps eliminate impurities. The bowls need to be weighted at the button to prevent tipping. Kittens should have smaller bowls specific to kittens.

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cat water bowl

Collar and ID Tag

Cats are almost similar, and it easy to lose your cat if it mingles with others. For this reason, it is essential to get an id tag and a collar for your cat, and the cat should wear it at all times. Ensure you write your name, address, and phone number on the tag to quickly identify the pet owner. Moreover, the collar should feature an automated release that disentangles easily if the cat gets stabbed on something. It is essential to get a collar that correctly fits your cat and would not hurt your cat’s neck or tamper with its swallowing or eating. Follow the general rule that states that there should be room for two fingers to fit between the collar and the neck.


Pets deserve a comfortable life and always feel secure while in a home. Without the necessary necessities, the pet might run away or even die. You need food, specifically a pet, for a healthy cat; eating and drinking bowls is also necessary and should be clean. A litter box is as well essential to have all cat litter in one place. Cats love playing, adding up cat toys to the list of necessities that a home with a cat must-have is a brilliant idea.

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