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Do cats care whether they are your pet or not? Some would argue that cats are not loyal to their owners but rather only to themselves. And of course, this is because when humans domesticate an animal, it becomes less wary and more likely to follow orders. Therefore, if a cat were tamed and adopted by someone else, it would still be the same overall animal. And if two different families adopted a cat, it would have two masters.

Ways Cats Show Royalty to Their Owners

#1. They take care of their owner

One way to see whether or not a cat is loyal to you is if they are willing to take care of you. Unfortunately, cats were domesticated in the first place so that we could benefit from them too. But still, some kittens comes naturally tamed and will lay on your lap for some warmth or rub against you for affection. It’s a sign of respect, and it shows you are their “king” or “queen.”

#2. They guard the house

Cats will also occasionally show affection to you by protecting your home. And even though they can’t stop burglars, the occasional cat that loves to take care of its owner will have some instinct telling them to make sure no one comes in and hurts you or your family. And even though felines can’t defend the home – they will at least protect the property.

#3. They share their food

Cats are also a sign of royalty if they share their food with you. This shows that you are their owner, and they respect you on a personal level, even if you don’t have the same amount of food each day or other financial means to provide for it. When a kitty does this, it’s a big sign of affection and care. Moreover, the kitten will sometimes give up their food for you – unless they are starving and not just trying to be excellent.

#4. They enjoy your company

If you’ve ever had a cat that loves to be with you and enjoys socializing with you, they give you an indication of love. Felines that aren’t used to being around people or who hate them will try to stay away from them, not sit in your lap and enjoy your company. It’s common for kitties to be scared of new people because they believe everything is out to get them, but once they get used to the environment, they feel safe in familiar places.

are cats loyal

Can Cats Betray You?

Felines are known for being loyal. That is not to say that they are incapable of betraying you. After all, just because they have a history of loyalty does not mean that they cannot change their minds and do something that will get them in trouble with the law.

#1. They refuse to obey you

Cats can disobey their owner without intending to do so. For example: if you give the cat a command to do something or sit somewhere, it might not obey you. In some instances, they refuse to listen, and others will ignore you even though they know the command. Either way, it can be considered a form of betrayal – in the sense that it interferes with your way of life. It’s almost like being told to eat when you are already full and don’t want to eat anymore.

#2. They sleep with the person you dislike

Even though most felines are loyal to their owners, there is always a chance that they will befriend someone that you dislike. And this could be another sign that your cat is rewarding someone for doing something wrong and may want to get back at you somehow.

#3. Accept treats and snacks from your enemy

In some cases, it’s possible for your cat to accept food or treats from someone that you dislike. Even though they won’t always do this, there are some instances where they will allow someone else to feed them if they like the gesture. And if the treats taste good, they will take the extra one with them back home.


Cats are known for being loyal creatures. However, like any other animal, cats are capable of betraying you. After all, they have an instinct to survive, and if they feel threatened, they will not be able to trust anyone. So, you must never betray your cat because you never know how they will react to it.


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