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Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband?

Cat owners may find it hard to typically understand why a cat prefers a specific person in the household, particularly when it comes to sleep. My cat is very selective. He is very affectionate with my housemates and me, but other individuals have to spend months winning his trust.

Further, he is again very discriminating when it comes to sleep and decides to eventually curl up next to me the whole night and not my husband. Pet favoritism may affect the relation of its owners, and many end up blaming themselves.

I have often come across this burning question, why cats sleep with one specific individual and not the other? Relax! I got you covered. Allow me to take you through the top-rated facts about why cats have favoritism, especially when sleeping.

1. You share a special bond.

When a cat is mostly sleeping with and not your partner, he/she loves your relationship. Generally, when kittens become old enough to get removed from their actual mothers, they rely on the new safest figure in their entire life as their trusted caretaker. Thus when your cat is sleeping and eventually marks you with actual scent, it creates a compelling olfactory reminder that you belong to the same group.

Additionally, when a cat has a strong bond with a specific person, this allows them to feel and hear comforting and familiar sounds such as rhythmic breaths or beating heart during sleep. And this is reminiscent of the best and safe sleeping spaces with the mother cat together with siblings.

2. You are warmer than your partner.

The average body temperature of any cat should be ranging 102 degrees Fahrenheit. And this among the reasons they find your friendship because you might be hotter than your companion. Warmth induces sleep and relaxation; therefore, warmth might contribute to the maintenance or initiation of restorative sleep in cats.

Besides, during the night, the temperature eventually drops, and he must seek extra warmth. Further, for instance, you sleep with the window open, your cat might not be friendly with a draft coming in, and as a result, your specific spot may be less exposed. Again, if you utilize the heating pad right on your side and your companion, it could be another reason why your cat prefers you.

3. You’re his/her net safe

Generally, animals are most vulnerable to eventually attack when they are sleeping, including cats. Besides, cats will primarily select one individual in the entire house with whom she/he sleeps every night. This is because he has a powerful bond with that person and also trusts enough to safely sleep next to him/her.

For example, when your cat is a little one, he /she nurses and sleeps with their mothers and many times stacked right on top of each other. And specifically, without any other cats in your house, you might have that substitute role in that situation. Possibly your cat views you as the authority of the entire house. And eventually, as an individual who only cares much about her/him.

Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband

4. He wants to mark his territory.

Cats have a natural scent that releases pheromones in their entire body. And as a result, they have a challenging time sharing their specific territory, both their caregiver and physical home. Therefore, marking human being with their pheromones means your part of their group.

Thus when your cat loves sleeping with you, he/she is marking you with its natural scent to be reassured that you smell safe and familiar. Often the cats that like solitude might head-butt and rub their loved ones as part of scent –marking process.

5. He feels Comfortable and less destructed by your side

Is your wife or husband a restless sleeper, wakes up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water? Cats don’t like to get disturbed when sleeping. And this might be one reason why your cat is avoiding you or your partner.

Further, you might bit smaller compared to your companion, thus leaving enough and comfortable space for your cat to sleep near you. The cats are all about high-quality sleep. And sleeping with someone ensures them a successful nap for different reasons, such as ensuring they sleep in a comfortable zone like being on their feet, chest, arms, etc.

6. He/she want to show some affection.

As I discussed earlier, cats are very affectionate ad loving, particularly towards their trustful caregiver. In essence, cats are not such solitary creatures; they are frequently portrayed as. in the wild, cats contentedly live in the matriarchal societies, popularly known to exhibit an assortment of group bonding behaviors such as allorubbing, grooming, and sleeping together.

Besides, you can tell that your cat is happy and relaxed because they start purring, asking for affection. And this typically the case when he/she gets ready to eventually sleep with the best caregiver, to take such opportunity to have a better nap, relax, show their love, and also receive love back from you.

Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband

Do cats have a favorite person?

Of course, yes, this depends on different factors such as how your bond was with him/her during the month’s f kittenhood. Generally, the bond between people and cats mainly began when the cats learned that individuals are excellent sources of protection, food, and companionship.

However, the main reason why a cat can favorite person might come down to the combination. Regardless of those cats are frequently portrayed as independent and aloof, they are moderately communicators and also have an exceptional appreciation for individuals who understand their requirements.

Therefore, someone’s capability to eventually adapt his/her cat’s communication method can influence your strong relationship. Virtually, cats are different, and this appropriate reaction of your body language and cat’s meows signs might comprise physical playtime, interaction, respecting their and also food.

How to build a strong bond with your cat and be his/her favorite person?

1. Respect their space – social interaction is vital, but some cats will need private time. Thus, if your cat wanders off to nap or hide, give him time to decompress.

2. Socialize with him/her from the beginning – start showing your cat that your dependable source of social collaboration by giving cuddles, play or gently talking to him/her if he is shy

3. Find for best communication cues- your cat might approach you when he wants something, like interaction or food.


Building lasting and solid relationship with animals takes some time. However, cats are quicker and friendly to bond with compared to others related. Thus, give your cat time and space to eventually build and adapt their trust with you


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