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Best Places To Put a Litter Box in a Small Apartment

Cats make suitable apartments for their quietness and calmness. However, living with a cat in a tiny apartment can be pretty challenging because the room is not even enough for your things; holding and managing a car can be quite a havoc. Now that you already have a cat, you need to find a place to put his litter box. Improper placement of the litter box can make you give up on your pet because of its mess. While you want your feline to have easy access to the box, you need to find a place, but not on the way. Before you decide on a perfect position for the litter box, there are some things you need to consider.


How many litter boxes you require

Generally, every cat should have its litter box; therefore, the number of litter boxes you need will depend on the number of felines you have.


Type of litter box

The type of litter box you have will significantly determine the spot you choose. For instance, automatic or self-cleaning litter won’t have many hassles and can be put anywhere in the house as long as the cat is comfortable and not in the kitchen.



Just like human beings, cats also need privacy. If there is no private place within the room, you can use a done or curtain.


Calm, low traffic, and quiet place

It is not a good idea to put a litter box in a noisy and high traffic spot. The litter box should be in an area that the feline can feel secure wherever she goes for relief. It is a challenge to find a quiet place in a tiny apartment but think beyond the apparent spaces.

Here are the best places to hide your cat’s litter box

The best place to place a litter box is somewhere easy to access by the cat and out of the way. The cat should find it easy to access the litter box whenever it needs it.

  • In a linen closet

Linens closets are for storing linen clothing, but they can provide a better place to place a cat litter box. You will need to remove the closet door from its hinges and keep it somewhere else.

  • In a corner in a washing room

Most tiny apartments have no space for laundry, but if there is, the room can be a better place to hide the cat litter box. Even if the litter box has an odor, your clothes cannot stay for too long in the laundry to absorb it.

  • Near the toilet in the washroom

A washroom is a good place to hide a cat’s litter box. There is no noise or disturbance, granting your cat privacy and peace of mind.

  • In the washroom cabinet

Many apartments have a cabinet below the bathroom sinks. You can utilize the space and make it your cat litter box space.


Places to avoid putting a cat litter box

Not every spot in your room is suitable for putting a cat litter box. There are places you need to avoid. They include

  • Places where a cat cannot access easily

You should not put a cat litter box where the cat finds it hard to access, for instance, a bedroom.

  • Rooms that neighbors can hear the scratching

While relieving themselves, cats often scratch surfaces around them, and neighbors can hear this. So ensure you place it in a room well insulated to void disturbing neighbors.

  • Humid spots

Humid spots can make the cat litter box start growing mold. It is essential to avoid damp areas or seek others to minimize mold growth, like using a dehumidifier.

  • Poorly ventilated spots

Putting a litter box in a poorly ventilated place can bring the heck of a lingering smell to the house. Good ventilation will help alleviate lingering odors.



Small rooms are nice until you have a furry friend. The major havoc is when figuring out the ideal spot to put its litter box. The cat’s mess alone, not talking about the odor, is so daunting and can make you give up with your pet. But you should not do so; just find a perfect place to put its litter box. The best place to put a cat litter box is your bathroom because it will be easy for the cat to access it and easy for you to clean it. Consider placing the litter box where it is accessible, private, and secure for your cat. Avoid high traffic areas and poorly ventilated rooms.

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