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How To Clean a Litter Box in an Apartment

Apart from removing the cat’s clumps of feces, urine from its litter box and topping them off, we also need to clean them. Besides, you need to often clean these litter boxes as the cats tend to lick their paws to eventually protect your entire apartments from smelling sickly. Besides, many cats’ parents face challenges on how to easily clean their cat litter boxes in their apartments.

Generally, there are many different methods recommended but you need the easy, affordable, and faster methods. Without further ado, allow me to take you a comprehensive guide on how to effectively clean your cat’s litter box with ease.

1. Wear the disposable gloves before taking any step

The expert recommends that we should wear disposable gloves, dust masks to eventually prevent the spread of toxoplasmosis. This is a coccidial organism that some cats tend to carry and can transmit to us through fecal matter. Regardless of that, we don’t handle their feces directly, these gloves are essential for our health.

2. Empty the old litter

While scooping is our dairy basis task to keep our cat’s litter box clean, we will need to entirely empty the litter, scrub the main box about once every week. Besides, some cat’s parents might have to typically clean their litter box twice or many times every week especially if you have more cats using it. Essentially, consider keeping the trash bag or wastebasket close by; dump everything out from the litter box before the next step.

3. Scrub empty cat litter box first

First and foremost you will need to scrub an empty box, with a hose outside the apartments or in the sink. Besides, some experts commend that we should be scrubbing this litter for about one in every three to two weeks. How often you will need to wash her box will typically depend on how many times he uses the litter box and what type of litter you utilize.

The litter box cleaning in an apartment should be done using little water. Besides, for some of us who don’t have the sanitizing wipes right hand, consider using the common household products from your kitchen, sponge, and soap is the best selection.

Wet the sponge and utilize mild non-scented, original detergent enough to create suds. Further, scrub your cat’s empty litter box using the soapy sponge, wipe down using wet paper towels to eradicate all sop residue.

4. You can use the natural and best pet-specific wipes to clean the box

These wipes are specifically designed for usage with different pets when sanitizing the litter box right in our apartments. Besides, these products are very safe to utilize with added payback that they do not consist of any harsh chemicals which need to get wiped away with water afterward. Generally, some can choose to use plant-based enzymes which naturally tend to deodorize the litter box even without aggravating our cat’s delicate nose with the artificial scents.

5. Utilize the self-cleaning kitten pan

In the apartments, a self-cleaning pan would be the best and easier choice. But for the individuals who are a bit frugal, this is not the best selection since you should save some dollars to purchase it and maintain it. Regardless of its exorbitant and bulkiness price, this product works magic and is very easy to use.

It saves the users time, prevents the clogged sewage down in your bathrooms when you take a traditional cat litter container out of rinse.

6. Utilize the disposable litter box

This is another great way for cleaning the cat’s litter box in apartments. This type of litter box is manufactured from recycled plastic/papers and delivered in handy with the pre-loaded litter. Simply, open the pre-packed litter; pour it into a box two and three inches high keeping the waste afloat, while the bottom remains stainless.

Further, scoop the feces and urine lump away using a shovel and separate waste trash most probably once per day to control the sanitation and odors in your house. Besides, for the pee chucks, consider scooping them away using a shovel, seal them tightly in an air-proof container, or preferably biodegradable trash waste bag right t garbage dumps. Additionally, for the feces balls, someone can carry them in your bathroom and flush them away.

7. Dry the litter box before putting fresh litter

Dry your cat’s litter box thoroughly ensuring that it is completely dry before adding the fresh litter since the litter tends to stick to the bottom and west sides of the box. However, for some of us who utilize the clumping litter and fail to typically dry their cat’s boxes, it may even render the entire box whole of the litter unusable. Thus, you can also use napkins and paper towels to eventually wipe the litter box dry.

8. Add some baking soda

Some experts commend that sprinkling a little and thin layer of the baking soda on the beneath of the box before you pour the fresh litter. This helps to typically absorb smells and also might aid in absorbing the urine.

9. The frequently asked questions about cleaning the cat’s litter box

  • How often should I clean the litter box in my apartment?

The litter should get scooped away at least twice or once per day. This is because the cats are super wary of odors and hygiene. Remember, you need to typically scrub your box to completely remove all sticky stains to thwart mold, bacteria, and mildew.

  • Where should I keep the cat litter box in my apartment?

Generally, the cats have a clear bias towards shoving their waste right in the sand-like texture, so they can typically do their businesses confidential. And this trait is a good suggestion of specific places for keeping the litter boxes such in the spare rooms or stairway corners.

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  • What are some of the must precaution to take when cleaning the cat’s litter box?

Besides, when handling these cat litter boxes it is essential to eventually protect ourselves from the harmful bacteria and by wearing disposable gloves, washing the hands afterward.


In the apartments, many of us are always confused about how to easily clean out cats’ litter boxes. Generally, we cannot afford to stay with sticking cat litter boxes in our house; we need a clean environment for both us, other family members, and our pretty kitties. Luckily, I have provides a detailed guide on the best and dependable methods that will help clan your cat’s litter box faster and with ease.

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