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Do Siamese Cats Shed?

All cats shed their fur with seasonal changes, but there are those which shed little fur, and it can be challenging to find a cat that does not shed at all. So do Siamese cats shed? Yes, they shed their coats, especially in summer and spring and before the beginning of summer. The Siamese cat has short fur covering their skin, and the little shedding they undergo leaves little fur in your clothes and around the house.

Do Siamese Cats Shed

How to Prevent Over Shedding

The Siamese cat’s skin is covered in a thin layer of fur, and it experiences little shedding, and it would be wise to have air conditioning in the house that helps get rid of the fur. Moreover, since the cats live in a house with temperature controls, they are likely to shed their fur throughout the year. However, if you want to control their shedding, you can let them play outside. When the cat stays outdoors, they can experience the natural seasonal changes which control shedding in certain seasons such as winter. However, if you are not comfortable letting the cat play out by themselves, you can let them stay in an outdoor cage or walk it using a lash.

Frequency Of The Shedding

Unless you let the cat stay out during the day, they will shed their fur throughout the year; however, they will shed only for two seasons when used to the natural seasons. During spring, they get rid of the dense winter coat, and during the fall, they get rid of their coat as they prepare for the coming winter. However, you can comb the cat’s fur during the shedding seasons and invest in air proper air conditioning.

Is the Siamese Cat Hypoallergic?

If you have an allergy to cats, it is wise to stay with them for an extended time before adoption to gauge if they can cause an allergic reaction. Since the Siamese cats have little shedding with short fur, they won’t leave so much fur in the house, which triggers an allergic reaction. However, you should help them control shedding using grooming brushes in designated areas to prevent the fur from flying around the house. Sometimes the allergic reaction could result from the dander on the cats’ skin and its saliva, and you would bathe your cat to avoid allergies that result from their skin and saliva proteins.

Equipment That Can Help Control Shedding

You can invest in a suitable grooming brush with rubber bristles as it helps control the shedding for cats with short fur. The plastic bristles will not scratch the delicate Siamese cat’s skin, and it is wise to start the grooming process while the cat is still young so that they get used to grooming. If your cat is already older, you can begin with short sessions and gradually built the length of the time for thorough grooming and control of falling fur.

  • Use groom wipes

The groom wipes are perfect for finishing off after the grooming session, and you can use them to clean their eyes and other delicate areas. It is wise to use natural ingredients which clean and freshen the cat’s coat. The natural elements should be free from parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals that can harm the cat.

  • Vacuum clean

You should have cordless vacuum cleaners which remove the shedding as it can be an easy, quick solution to the hair found in the furniture, bedroom, and different parts of the house. Your cat may reject the vacuum cleaner due to its sound; however, you can let it stay outside when vacuum cleaning the house.

  • Lint rollers

The rollers can remove any traces of cat hair on the furniture and clothes. However, if you do not have the rollers, you can use sticky sheets as an alternative as it gets rid of hairs from clothes and household surfaces.

Do Siamese Cats Shed


Siamese cats are famous for their looks and behavior, and they are among the famous cats globally. Siamese cats can be great pets as they shed little fur during the regular two seasons when other cats and dogs shed their fur. However, if you have an allergy to a cat’s fur, you can invest in a good grooming routine that helps the cat control the fur they shed. Regular brushing prevents excessive fur shedding. Moreover, if you invest in a good vacuum and air conditioner, you might reduce the amount of fur in the home. Furthermore, you could let the Siamese cat stay out during the different seasons to control the seasonal shedding and avoid frequent shedding throughout due to a controlled indoor environment.

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