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Black Maine Coon Cat Breed

The Maine Coon is a famous and large domesticated cat breed. The coon has a unique physical appearance and also valuable hunting skills. This is one of the oldest natural breeds in the United States and North America in general, specifically the US state of Maine- the official state cat.


The cat has the most alluring and amazing colors of the Maine Coon breed. This cat is so dark to a point where you can lose sight of your kitty during the nighttime darkness, and not until they look directly at you with their dazzling and shiny bright eyes. The beautiful cat coloring is one of more than 74 different cat colors to choose from, but black is outstanding and a very popular color that is commonly found. This article gives in-depth information about the black Maine Coot cat breed. Let’s dive in;


History of the Black Maine Coon

The Black Maine Coon boasts a rich history. Generally, the whole lineage of these cats offers amazing facts. Some theories explain how the Maine Coon cats came to America and later became the extra-large and loving felines that they are. Among the theories, the most credible one is that these felines were pets of Captain Coons. He docked in the Maine United States in the 1700s. He came with cats known as the Norwegian Forest Cats and they mated with the local short-haired feline and eventually produced this breed.


In their entire lives, these cats have drawn significant attention. After they appeared in America, they started showing up in the Northern communities and they were equally happy as outdoor or indoor cats. The first recognized winner of a cat show that was held in 1895, Madison Square Garden was Cosey, a brown Maine Coon.


In the early 1900s, the popularity of this breed decreased and the long-haired cats took their place in prominence. This reached a point where the breed was thought to be extinct. The Central Maine Cat Club luckily reinvested in breeding these cats and by the early 1980s, the Maine Coon made a resurgence and then became the third most famous feline breed in the United States. Today, the Cat Fancier Association has distinguished 75 colors of this breed. Among these colors is black which is more expensive for this feline breed.


How to identify a Black Maine Coon

As per the Cat Fanciers Association, a black Maine Coon can be identified under the following color classes:

  • Solid color class
  • Bi-color color class
  • Shaded and smoke class
  • Smoke/shaded and white class



Color Requirements

Solid color class


- The fur has a solid black coal color from the root to the tip

- There is no tinges of rust coloring on their fur tips

- The paws are brown or black

- No Smokey colors on the undercoats

Bi-color color class

Black and white

- The feline has a combination of black and white colors.

- The cat has white on belly, bib and all four paws

- Their faces may have white traces

Shaded and smoke class

Black smoke

- These cats have a white undercoat that is deeply tipped using black.

- The nose leather is black

- The paw pads are black

- While the cat is resting, it appears black

- Light silver frill with ear tuft.

Smoke/ shaded white color class

Black smoke and white

- It should have white on the four paws.

- May have or lack white on the face

- The feline has white on belly and also the bib.

Black Maine Coon Cat

How to breed Maine Coon Cats to become all black

Male felines obtain their color genes from their coon mothers while the female cats get their colors from both parents. Therefore, a kitty’s pattern can come from the father or the mother. For your cat to have a solid color, either of its parents should be of that color.


Due to this, the best way for breeders is by creating a litter of black Maine Coons consisting of two solid black parents. Although this is difficult, it is still possible. Due to the demand, more breeders can accomplish this. However, if only one Black Coon is available, then it should be a female.


The chances are that the breed will be a black male cat. This poses a problem for breeders since the male black cat will come from the litter surrounded there are more males than females. This genetic paradox explains why it is rare to find this cat breed.


Amazingly, the black cats have a resistance to diseases. The genetic mutation ASIP, which provides you the black cats, their solid-color fur is very significant at warding off diseases including feline AIDS. Although this is not scientifically proven, it can be very interesting to own a black cat if this is true.


The size of the black Maine Coon

The cat is typically the largest domesticated cat globally without regarding the Norwegian Forest Cat. This feline breed is commonly referred to as the “gentle giant” because of its large build. The cat is amazingly gentle and with a laid-back nature. Below is the aspect of the black Maine Coon size:

  • Length

One of the main characteristics of this breed is its long rectangular body. The bodies of this breed should never be squished or be out of proportion. Instead, they should be muscular and long. The male breeds acquire a larger physical figure than the females, but this is not the case in terms of length. Both males and females can reach up to around 40 inches in length. Therefore, expect your cat to impressively grow into a long feline.

According to the Guinness World Records, the longest Maine Coon was ‘Stewie’. Although he was not black, he was long and reached an amazing 48.5 inches in length.

  • Weight

Although there are exceptions to this rule, male black cats weigh much more than their female counterparts. The average male weighs 15-25 lbs while the average female weighs between 8-12 lbs. These breeds of cats have a slower growth rate and attain their full size between 3-4 years while other cats do so by 2 years.

Owners with these breeds overfeed them thinking that their feline friends are not growing at the ideal rate. You can avoid this mistake by measuring the size of your cat monthly and then comparing it with this cat’s growth chart. Ensure that it is growing at a healthy rate.

  • Height

Generally, the male cats reach a height of 25-40 cm while the female cats reach an average height of 20-35cm.


The personality of Black Maine Coons

Are you looking for an amusing cat? then look no further since this breed is there for you. Even when they seem mysterious due to their black and lustrous fur as well as their piercing eyes, these breeds make wonderful pets. They are even known as “the dogs of the cat world!”


These feline pets are highly intelligent thus making them easier to train and also allowing them to learn and pick up signals from us. This is the main reason that they make wonderful pets for families. It is highly unlikely that these giant cats will feel discouraged by the introduction of a new family member or kids who wish to play with them. The cats will most likely enjoy the attention.


The cats are incredibly loyal to us or rather, their owners. They will often follow you around the house asking for pets and cuddles. You might find this very inconvenient but we all agree that it is a sign that the cat adores you. When you want them to enjoy their own company, give them a catnip toy, and you are guaranteed that they will get significant enjoyment from this.


It might catch you by surprise, but this cat will shed their fine hair, but will not make more of a mess compared to the regular cat. Moreover, they are not destructive but they can be timid around strangers. They will eventually warm up and be your friend. These cats are also laid back enabling them to do things such as traveling and also adjust to their new surroundings.


Black Maine Coon Price

The average price of a solid or purebred Coon Kittens is around $1000. However, for individuals interested in buying these breeds of cats for breeding purposes, you should expect to pay around $2000 per kitten. For the cats that are bred as show Maine coons, the price is much higher at around $2500.


The Pedigree Main Coons are not expected to be cheap, so if this is beyond your budget and you are still interested in this breed. you can consider owning an older Maine Coon at around $600.


The purebred cats are much expensive and if you need a cat with the characteristics or rather personality of a Maine Coon Cat, then go for a purebred. The mixed breeds are quite cheaper than their purebred counterparts since their genetics have been altered and are not pure. These mixed genetics cats are not pedigree felines, but they have a massive resemblance to the pure breed in terms of looks, character, and personalities. It will be hard to determine whether the mixed-breed shares all the traits of the breed. However, you can look at the parents and then make an educated guess on that matter. Though, there is no reason that your mixed breed kitten will not be an amazing pet.

Black Maine Coon kitten

Where to buy your black Maine Coon Kitten

The kittens are very popular since they love a lot of fun and with amazing personalities without forgetting their stunning appearance. They are available in a wide range of places such as:

  • Registered Breeder

Buying your cat at a registered breeder is the best place. These are cat fanatics and they will provide you with legitimate paperwork that proves your cat’s pedigree status while introducing you to the parents of your kitten. Buying from them might cost you more, but there is an added level of security comfort as well as a reference to the kittens’ health. The breeders check the health issues of the breeding cat thus preventing your kitten from being sired with genetic health issues.

  • Rescue/ Shelter

It is so unfortunate that cats are abandoned by their irresponsible owners. If you are in touch with a nearby cat rescuer, you can request a known black Maine Coon and you might be lucky to get one anytime it is available. Since these cats originate from Maine, you can consider contacting the rescuers from this region where the cats are available in large numbers.

  • Backyard Breeders

The cat has risen in popularity which has resulted in backyard breeders producing and selling Maine Coon kittens. However, buying from them is not encouraged since the cats are kept in poor conditions and you cannot be sure whether they are purebred.

  • Facebook

There has been a significant rise in the popularity of social media. Currently, Facebook is a viable platform to buy your cat. Most businesses do their advertisement on the sale of kittens here including the registered breeders.

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Care for your cat

If you love your pet, then it is with no doubt that you will take care of it. Below are ways in which you can care for your cat:

  • Nutrition

Generally, this breed of cat is very large including the kittens. The cats mustn’t become overweight. This can prove to be difficult since the cats are growing and they reach their full size after about three years. To prevent excessive weight gain ensure that you feed your cat carefully with a diet that is balanced and also rich in proteins. According to experts and veterinarians, you should not allow your black cat to feed freely, rather feed them about three to four times a day with highly nutritious wet food.

  • The Fur

If you own a cat, then you can pay attention to its skin and fur during summer since they are very sensitive to sunburn. Ensure that you have access to fresh water and also a shade to prevent the cat from becoming overheated.

  • Exercise

Make sure that your cat exercises regularly mostly if your cat stays indoors. The best way to do this is to buy a cat tower or any cat toy for your feline to enjoy.

  • Health

This cat breed is quite hardy to diseases but you should watch for the following illnesses:

  1. Obesity
  2. Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  3. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  4. Hip Dysplasia

The cats thrive well in the cold winter weather in America.

  • Grooming

It is very important to groom your cat regularly, that is, not less than once a week. This is very crucial since the cat’s fur is thick, long and shaggy thus prone to matting mostly in the damp weather.


In conclusion, the black Maine Coon is a stunning eye-catching feline that has become very popular recently. To make you understand this, the U.S celebrates the “Black Cat Appreciation Day” on the 17th of August. Although the black cat has been surrounded by superstition worldwide, it is still the most popular coon that you can buy. With the above information, you are well equipped and you can fearlessly buy your black cat

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