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Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon

When you decide to add a cat to your family with a wild and natural look, your first choice would be coons and Siberian cats. At first, these cats might seem similar at some point as they have thick and long-haired coats as they originated from cold climates and being large and friendly-natured cat breeds. However, with the up-close examination, you will notice some differences. It is what a potential owner ought to look at before making a solid decision. In the article, we will learn the similarities and differences between coon ad Siberian cat breeds.

The origin of Maine coon and Siberian cats.

To understand both Maine coon and Siberian cat breeds, it is paramount to learn about their origin.

Origin of Maine coon

From the name of this breed, we can get a clue of where the cat came from. From the northeastern part of American, Maine is where the cat is believed to originate. The cat breed is loved in this state, whereby they are the most popular. They got to be honored with the title ‘State of Maine’. There are so many fantastic stories that are associated with the origin of this breed. This is because it has remained unknown of the original place of coons but only identified with the colonial times.

Among the stories are that the ancestors of the breed arrived with the Viking around the 11th century. Secondly, the origin of the Maine coon was due to crossbreeding between raccoons and a domesticated short-haired cat. Hence claiming the coon word in coon comes from a raccoon. Thirdly, is that a cat crossbred with the European cats brought by Captain Charles Coon, etc. The cat breed increased in popularity at the end of the 19th century in the State of Maine then it became almost forgotten until it was discovered in the 1950s to 1960s and rose again.

Origin of Siberian cats

The Siberian cat’s name provides a clue to its origin, Siberia. The breed is believed to have existed for up to a thousand years and can be found living in Russia and Ukraine. The cat breed has been honored with a title that is ‘Russia’s National Cat’. Although the origin of this cat breed is still unknown, there are theories developed about where the cat originated from including;

Many believe in genetics related to the Caucasian Wild Cat.

Evolution from local breed naturally. Most people believe it’s crossbreeding between the wild cetin forest and domestic cats from Siberia. This breed was introduced in America in the year 1990.

Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon

Physical attributes in Maine coon and Siberian cats.

At a visual glance at first, you may think that the cats are from a similar breed, but the two have many differences. Below we discuss their physical attributes.

Eye shape

The Maine coons have large, slightly oblique, and oval-shaped eyes. However, when they look directly at you, they seem round and wide open.

To the Siberian cats, their eyes are wide apart, and they take an almost round shape. Despite their coat color, both breeds have green or golden eyes.

Head shape

The Siberian take a softly rounded head shape while their muzzle is short and round. About the coons, their head is square with prominent cheekbones. The head is slightly larger in length than the width, and the contours are more angular and rectilinear. Their muzzle is short and squared with a dull end.


The Maine cat has a long tail that can go as far as its height. While the Siberian cat’s tail is medium-sized, thus not long like Maine Coon.

Body shape

Under the thick furry coats, both cat breeds have a strong and muscular frame with medium-length legs. They tend to differ where the coon has a prominent chest while the Siberian cat’s body is elliptical shaped. Also, the Siberian cat has slightly longer hind legs which makes it excellent in jumping unlike the coon.


Both possess pointed ears similar to that of a lynx. However, the ears of the Maine coon are larger and higher at the cat’s head while the Siberian’s are medium-sized and rounded tips.

Fur coats

Both the cat breeds have semi-long fur. The difference comes from their coats, the Maine coon has 2 coats: the upper being silky and the undercoat soft and fine. While the Siberians have a 3 layer coat, the overcoat being water repellant, the middle for cold weather, and a tight undercoat, this explanation for being fascinated with water.

Which cat is bigger between the Maine coon and Siberian cat?

According to; which is big in height and size? The coon is the undisputed leader. They are larger than Siberian cats. The average weight of a coon female is 11 to 18 lbs which are 5-8 kg, while the male goes from15 – 26 lbs. that is 7 to 15 kg.

The Siberian cats are medium-large whereby the male can go to 11-17pounds as large, and females weigh 8-12 pounds. Therefore, a male can weigh 5 to 8 kg while a female 3.5 to 5.5 kg. Thus the coon staying close to the ground due to its large size while the Siberian cat-like watching the surrounding from a tree or house.

Siberian Cat vs Maine Coon

Personality trait between Maine coon and Siberian cat

Perhaps you are wondering what is a suitable breed to get for your home. Below is the personality trait that will help you distinguish.


Both types of breeds are responsive training where they can learn all sorts of tricks. The coon has been reported to turn on the facets while Siberians learn the opening door mechanism and cat food containers. Both are related problem-solving skills.


Having a Siberian cat or Maine coon around, you will feel their affection as an owner and full loyalty.


Most of the time, the cat breeds spend time playing with owners because of their energy. Despite the coon being a little laid back when they met a stranger, they adapt with time. With them around, you experience their fun personality.


For a breed that enjoys the company of other pets, kids and adults, both cat breeds qualify. This makes them create close bonds and seek a lot of attention. They would spend a lot of time with the owner, greet them when they arrive from work and look at what they are doing and help if possible. The difference is that Coon are not lap cats while Siberians enjoy relaxing in laps.

Prices of Maine coon vs Siberian cat

Maine coon is a more common and popular cat where they go for 400- 1500 US dollars. On the contrary, the Siberians are still a rare breed that could go for 1000 to 2000 US dollars.

Hypoallergenic issues.

It is not worthy that no cat has allergies in their fur, they are caused by a protein called Fed1 found in saliva, urine, and dander. The coon is more related to the production of much saliva with Fed1 leading to allergies to the owners. However, Siberian cats have reduced production of Fed1 protein, thus suitable to those owners prone to allergies.


Many people find both cats’ breeds similar-looking even though the coon remains to be bigger. However, the decision of which breed to own depends on your decision. This is because both have amazing personality traits and have great bonding that you enjoy with your kids.

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