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Can Cats Drink Almond Milk?

Most of us have come across or heard about almond milk before. This milk is affordable and accessible in our nearest stores these days. However, have you wondered if your cat can drink it? Relax! I have prepared a comprehensive guide answering the most frequently asked questions regarding sharing almond milk with our cats.

Can a cat drink almond milk?

The simple answer is yes. Almond milk does have much lactose. However, they should have it in moderation because most cats do not produce enough lactase enzymes needed for the healthy digestion of such milk.

Can Cat Drink Almond Milk

What are precautions to take when feeding our cats almond milk?

Like many other domesticated animals, some cats will feed on a large amount of drink and food than what their stomach can eventually handle if given that chance. Therefore, you should avoid pouring a massive bowl of almond milk and leaving it out for the cat without even knowing its side effects.

The experts recommend starting with a small amount (1/4 a cup), watching, and waiting before you proceed with your daily routines. Besides, the effective way to gauge how well the cat is tolerating almond milk is to observe him and his bowel movement over two or a day following his first slurp of this specific stuff. Virtually, pay extra attention to his first hour or more.

What are the benefits of almond milk?

First, it is lactose-free. This makes it a safer option for individuals who may have forgotten to buy cow’s milk on that specific night. Further, it is gluten and soy-free with almost zero saturated fat, half the calories of the cow’s milk. Thus this milk could be a good substitute for cow’s milk, less like to upset the cat’s stomach, and cholesterol-free. Overall this milk increases the cat’s sensitivity.

What are the effects of almond milk on cats?

Generally, your cat can accidentally have almond milk or excess of it and get affected. Besides, few drops cannot affect her/him. But if he/she starts diarrhea, upset stomach, or bloating, your cat is possibly allergic to this type of milk, and you should stop giving it.

Can Cat Drink Almond Milk

Can almond milk kill my cat?

Probably no, almond is not deadly for our cats. Only pay attention when feeding your cat with this type of milk.


Regardless of almond milk offering countless benefits to us, it cannot provide the same to cats. The best and helpful decision is to give it a minimal amount now and then just for fun. And if this milk is affecting your cat, as I stated above, please avoid it completely.

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