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Can Cats Eat Almonds?

We all know that almond nuts are among the healthiest food we can incorporate into our diets. They are delicious and nutritious. But here comes an up-to-date, frequently asked question, can cats eat almonds? Relax! I am about to answer this question. Without further ado, allow me to make you an ultimate guide to fully understand if you can share almonds with your favorite kitty.

Can Cats Eat Almonds

1. Can a cat eat almonds?

Yes, some can, some cannot. However, even for the cats that eat almonds, you should avoid giving them almonds often. This is because they might be toxic to her/him.

2. Can a cat digest almonds?

Generally, cats cannot appropriately digest almonds because of their short digestive tracts. On the other side, almonds are fatty, meaning that they can really struggle to suitably digest it. Unlike a human being, you will be forcing them to overdrive due to their ineffective digestion systems, attempting to break down fatty almond fully.

Further, this means that if a cat consumes more than two or three almonds is mainly suffers from indigestion, diarrhea, and possibly vomiting. Overall, your cat will still be okay if he steals an almond while you are not noticing; however, avoid making it a habit to let him eat them many times.

3. Why do cats like almonds?

Probably, if you give her/him an almond, the chances are that he will eat it or ignore it. Besides, some cats will typically play with them, mainly the type of cat which tends to eat anything they see their owners eat.

I tried to toss an almond on the floor; my cat ran over it, sniffed, and bat it around for a while before eating it. Virtually, some cats might tend to like almonds because they might think are among cat treat. Further, the resalable bag, a purchase package of almonds, can attract your cat thinking that you are holding cat treats. Eventually, they will start to begin for the pleasure too.

4. Can I include almonds in my cat’s diet?

The simple answer is no. almonds should not be comprised of your cat’s nutrition. Basically, we know that cat is categorized in carnivore’s animals and should be fed on the best quality of cat feed. However, as I discussed above, if you own a cat like me, which is curiosity around everything you eat, you can typically cave and offer them scraps from time to time.

5. My cat ate an almond for the first time! What am I supposed to do?

In most cases, someone does really need to worry much or do anything rather than keeping a watchful eye on him/her. Monitor her ensuring he is not showing any alarming signs and symptoms after eating. Besides, he might feel a bit sick or even has an episode of diarrhea; this does not have to worry you that much. However, if it continues, consider consulting your cat vet for further medical attention.

Can Cats Eat Almonds

6. Can almonds kill your cat?

Since almonds are not poisonous to cats, they cannot kill them. Food that is toxic to our cats has a superior chance of killing them because they technically poison them. However, one of the essential concerns when feeding cat almonds is that your cat might choke on them. And in such regard, the almond can, unfortunately, kill your cat in a situation where you cannot dislodge that specific almond from her throat.

7. Why are almonds not safe for cats?

Almonds are not safe for our cats because they lack the cats’ nutritional value required in their specific diets. Besides, almonds are an ideal and healthy snack for human beings but cannot benefit our cats the same way.

They are rich in protein; yes, this is essential to cats but not enough that a cat can fully benefit from eating almonds. Further, they are frequently salted when cooked, and salt is not safe for cats either. Below are some of the dangers that almond can cause to our cats:

  • Almonds salt and toppings

Almonds are covered in all types of salt and toppings to eventually make them as delicious as possible for human beings. On the other hand, excess consumption of salt can typically cause a cat to develop bad sodium iron toxicosis. This is the condition that develops when your cats eat more salt without water; in some cases, it might cause death.

  • Stomach Upsets

Almonds are rich in cyanogenic glycosides, and this is a natural toxin. But this toxin is typically harmless at low levels. However, when almonds are consumed in excess or more amounts, our cats can eventually suffer from cyanide poisoning.

And some of the signs and symptoms of this poisoning comprise dilate pupils, stomach upsets, and breathing fast. Essentially, I would want you to fully understand that not all cats will experience stomach upsets. However, it would help if you will be keen and watchful over your cat once you give an almond, or maybe you notice he has stolen one.

8. Is an almond extract unsafe for cats?

Generally, almond extract is not safe for your cat. In fact, this extract can be deadly to cats when digested. Further, it can effectively eliminate ear mites on cats, thus ensuring you don’t feed your cat on this. After baking almond extract, some of us feel attempted to give the cat; I recommend avoiding giving it to your cat. You cannot know what can affect your cat in such extracts.


To conclude, I can say that almonds are not toxic to our cats. However, please don’t make them part of your cat’s diet. With the above guide, I hope you know how you will control giving your cat almonds even when she disturbs you simply because she thinks it part of her treatment. If you like almonds and eat a lot, avoid constantly tossing one or two to your beautiful kitty, or do it once per while.

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