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Have you ever wondered why a cat licks a person’s face hands and hair? Should you allow your cat to engage in this behavior? To understand this phenomenon, you should first look at their behavior, which is caused by their nature.

Everyone has seen a cat licking its fur at least once in his life. No wonder – they are very clean animals and often care about hygiene. No one wonders why cats lick themselves so often and thoroughly because it is so obvious. Cats may also lick other animals. We perceive this as care, especially if it’s the other cat. But what if cats lick people? It has happened to every pet owner at least once!

Why do cats lick people?

There are many possible explanations for why cats lick us. It all depends on the character of the particular cat, its attitude to life, and its relationship with people. If the animal licks only one member of the family, even though it has daily contact with many more people, the human may think that it has the best contact with the cat, or will sell the most time with it. However, cats always use licking to express their emotions – usually positive towards their caregiver.

Not everyone likes to be licked by a cat. This is obvious – for many people, this situation is simply not hygienic. However, as long as you take good care of your cat, deworm it and vaccinate it regularly, especially when it’s away from home, everything should be fine.

Don’t forget to wash your cat’s hands and licking areas frequently. Also be careful about your cat licking small children, especially babies. Their skin is very delicate and still provides poor protection against microorganisms. What doesn’t harm an adult may have a very different effect on a child.

Adult cats lick each other as a sign of mutual affection and also to show trust. They do the same with humans, so if your little purr takes the time to lick your hand or leg, you should be happy!

It’s a sign that your pup trusts you and enjoys your company. However, if your cat is not in the habit of licking you, it does not mean that you are indifferent to him. Unlike most dogs, not every kitty shows affection in this way.


What if I don’t want my cat to lick me?

You can influence your cat’s behavior. If you don’t want the cat to lick your body, don’t yell at it when it tries to do so. Move it away gently but firmly, while giving it your own hand to lick. You won’t reject your cat’s love, but you will make it a little more civilized.


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