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Can Cats Get High From Blowing Smoke In Their Ear?

It is normal for human beings to get high in smoke, but it sounds abnormal and quite surprising for cats to get high from the blowing smoke, particularly in their ears. However, it would help determine whether it is true or falls under the falls statement and rumors. Therefore, this article will keep you informed on whether a can get high from blowing smoke in their ear.

So, can cats get high from blowing smoke in their ear?

Yes, cats have maximum potential to get high on blowing smoke. You must know that the cat’s ear varies from the human being’s ear since it does not feature the eardrum. Moreover, they have the auditory tube, which is channeled straight to your cerebral cortex. This means that if you blow smoke in the air or keep your dogs in an enclosed area full of smoke, they are likely to get high. On the other hand, Marijuana incorporates tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which can trigger your cats to have psychoactive effects. Moreover, you can make your cats high when you rub their ears because their ears contain nerves, which generate endorphins that make them feel relaxed, hence seeming to be high.

Does a cat enjoy being high?

The same feeling of being high in human beings is quite similar to the cats as well. Bear in mind that they enjoy the feeling of being high, and they also tend to suffer from the smoke. When it comes to the impact of smoke on cats, it varies significantly from the effect you are likely to experience from smoking. Likewise, the cats feature a sense that is quite heightened, and this means the impact can be worse or even worse.

When a cat gets high on blowing smoke, it is likely to get irritated and not enjoy the feeling, and this indicates a sign of this not being an excellent experience for them. A high cat will not seem to understand why all of a sudden it has a sharper sense. However, it can quickly notice that it is getting out of focus and getting louder; in turn, this will instill fear in your cat. This feeling might not be easy for them to handle because it lasts for about 24 hours. For these reasons, cats do not like to be high, but become anxious.

Is it hazardous for your cat to get high on blowing smoke in their ear?

Cats’ ears are essential, and at the same time, very sensitive, and blowing smoke in their ears can be harmful and hazardous to their health, especially if you blow it directly. Bear in mind that blowing smoke into the ear of your cat is prone to causing infections. Smoke can cause your cat’s lungs to hurt or even become severely sick. You must understand that it is even worse when it comes to smaller cats with extra sensitive ears.

In case you are using the smoke to help your cat from health issues, it is ideal that you use the CBD drop, which works marvelously to relieve them from specific health conditions. However, its usage on cats varies from your use. On the other hand, they have a higher sense, and the THC chemical is likely to affect them seriously. To protect your cat from undergoing these issues, it would be better that you do not blow smoke in their ears since no one likes to see their dogs suffer, especially from something that can be avoidable. Ensure that you accord your cat sufficient protection to prevent it from suffering.

What should you do when your cat gets accidentally high?

In case your cat gets high on smoke and not any other smoke but Marijuana, the effects are likely to be more severe than you would have ever imagined. Cat features a heightened sense, and smoke even makes them worse. It is not difficult for you to tell a cat that is high on smoke accidentally since it is likely to showcase multiple symptoms. In case you doubt that your dog is high from blowing smoke accidentally, it is appropriate that you check out the following signs:


  • Loss of balance
  • Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Breathing problems
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Agitation
  • Vomiting

If you notice these symptoms in your cat, ensure that your contact the vet to give your cat the correct treatment.

Is there a way of getting your cat unstoned?

Once your cat is high, there is no way you are likely to reverse the condition. The only way you can make your cat feel better is by offering it comfort. Similarly, if you contact the vet, he or she will provide you with several discharge instructions to follow and make your cat somehow sober. You can also opt to follow the instructions below and help your cat. These are:

  • Ensure that you feed it with white rice and boiled chicken.
  • Brush it for relaxation.
  • Rub the tip of its hair gently to comfort it.
  • Grant your it maximum attention, more so if it is familiar with how you cuddle.
  • Maintain your cat in an enclosed room to avoid unnecessary distractions, and this will also keep it inactive.
  • Allow it to rest in a room with very little light.

It is recommended that you try to do everything in your power to ensure that your cat feels comfortable because a high cat is prone to feeling stressed and scared. If you grant it a continuous company during this time, it will likely regain its normal condition quickly.

Ideally, if you can prevent your cat from smoking either intentionally or accidentally, it would be for your good as well as the good of your cat. No one loves to see their pets suffering from something preventable. This will help you since it will make you avoid going through the hassle of getting your dog unstoned.


With the above in-depth information, you now know that dogs can easily get high from blowing smoke in their ears directly. When your cat gets high, it is likely to acquire complications, which might pose a risk to their health. Therefore, ensure that you prevent your cat from getting high from blowing smoke in their ear.

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