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Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken?

People want to make sure they are giving their pet cat the proper nutrition. Cats do need protein and chicken is the main protein found in many pet foods. People wonder if the cat can eat raw chicken without getting sick. Cats are carnivores so they can eat raw meat. if a person is going to feed the cat raw chicken they need to make sure it is fresh chicken and does not contain salmonella.

Vets have said that raw chicken can do several things for a cat. The chicken can help improve hydration since it contains many more fluids than cat food. A raw diet will help the cat get the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken

While a cat can eat raw chicken is should not be given to the cat daily. Raw chicken does not have amino acids so it cannot help a cat with all of its nutritional requirements. Since cats were born to eat meat it is okay to allow them to have some raw chicken from time to time.

While raw chicken will not harm a cat vets do recommend that the chicken should be cooked. This will help prevent the spread of salmonella or listeria. Cats may also prefer the taste of cooked chicken or raw chicken. They have known to be picky eaters and if the cat does not like something they will not eat it.

If a person does want to give the cat some raw chicken they need to remove the bones first so the cat does not choke. Raw chicken can be used as a treat and not the main meal. The raw chicken found in the grocery store is not meant to give to animals without being cooked. If a person wants to give their cat raw chicken they should visit the butler or a company that will provide raw food diets for pets.

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