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Best Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes

Litter tracking is among the common complaints cats owners make. For the cat owners, we know how it is disgusting when our cats relieve themselves and you find litter scattered across your floor all over. To keep our home fresh – smelling and clean, also avoid messes from cats, choose to own the best litter box.

This product is designed to aid cat’s parents to eliminate the mess which their cats, it comes with an amazing opening on top of box used as an entrance with the sides enclosed. However, the size, shape, design, and features of your entry litter box can break or make your cat’s bathroom habits, meaning you need a dependable, functional, and useful litter box for excellent results.

Besides, shopping for the best entry litter box can be challenging without a supportive guide, since you will come across different and countless models out there. Fortunately, I have deep–researched the valuable, helpful entry cat litter boxes, tested and approved to meet your needs and expectation for your cat.

1. IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop – Best Design

Of course, all of us would want to have an attractive and tidy solution for his/her cat litter box, look no further than iris entry litter box. This product is much- celebrated by many individuals because it is a safe and clean place in your house for your cat.

In essence, it measures 0.47 inches width 14.56 inches, length 16.4 inches, and this makes it perfect for small or big carts ranging up to 1 pound. Plus, it features a massive top opening for straightforward entrance and exit of cats with all sizes.



- Comes with a litter scoop

- Massive top opening for straightforward entrance and exits

- Grooved lid for minimizing litter tracking

- Affordable

- Not appropriate for old cats and kittens

- Round corners might make it hard to scoop out little wastes

Essentially, you will love the elegant layout with two various colors f high lid and side, the four-color selections to select from brown/orange, grey/black, beige/white or grey to eventually match the user’s interior style. Besides, the big box inside lets the cat move freely without making messes. Still, it is deeper perfect for digger cats to typically find an appropriate spot.

Additionally, the round enclosure tends to keep the floor free from any litter mess, as you could want. Overall, this product is made of non-BPA plastic which is harmful to our cat’s health. You, will the built-in grooved lid which tends to acts as an amazing mat to stop the litter from sticking to the cat’s, scattering around the floor while he is exiting.

2. PetSafe Scoop Self –Cleaning And Best Top Entry Cat Litter Box

This product is among the most advanced and useful cat litter recently on the market. It measures 20.3*15.1*15.2 inches and features high sides for the user’s cat privacy, preventing the cat’s litter from messy. Besides, the extensive entry is designed to let big cats exit and enter the box with comfort.

Further, this specific feature makes a huge contribution in deterring the dogs from sniffing around in the cat’s box. Virtually, the grated top tends to acts as a built-in best mat to eventually collect litter right from cat paws once they exit from the box. Still, it has minimal holes to typically fall back in the pan below.



- Made from pre-consumer, durable recycled plastic

- A grated top tends to easily collects all litter from your cat's paws

- High sides to typically stop litter messing everywhere

- Simple to use and clean

- Requires power to operate

Generally, this litter is constructed from pre-consumer recycled plastic. And this is the best move that encourages clean environments, where the recycled fabric lowers this litter’s price making among the inexpensive yet useful product. Further, the non-stick coating is made to prevent litter tracking, making the box wipe clean rapidly.

A wide pan is suitable for holding more litter than other related boxes. Additionally, this product features a rounded grip that lets the user lift the box when pouring out the litter with comfort. You will love the integrated hinge which makes this specific product compatible for easy use and cleaning.

3. AmazonBasics Hooded And Best Cat Entry Litter Box

AmazonBasics will never disappoint you; I am currently using this product and received excellent results from it. It measures 20.1*15.4*15 inches and massive compared to many related boxes accessible in the market. Besides, this product offers the users cats with sufficient space to squat and sit inside the box. And also features a big opening that’s suits the cats of all sizes.

Besides, the high sides aid stop the litter scattering, urine leakage during its use. They still keep curious dogs away right from the litter and offer our cats enough privacy to eventually do their business away from snooping eyes. Plus, it still features a roof to typically capture stray litter when your cats exit from the box. Meaning it is made to minimize the tracking, keeping someone’s floor as clean as possible.



- Comes with a textured roof for preventing tracking

- Easy and quick to clean with snap-on cover

- Accommodative interior for medium-sized cats

- Successfully prevents traps and spills odors

- Handles to rapidly move the litter tray when required

- Not appropriate for the big cats

- A bit pricey compared to others related

Essentially, unlike the enclosed cat litter boxes that come with entry, this product makes it’s simple for the user to eventually scoop out of the waste. The convenient snap- located on top lets the user clean the box inside with comfort, while the non-stick fabric saves the user lot of effort and time when scrubbing the stain right on the surface.

Additionally, you will love how the cover allows sufficient air to ventilate, avoiding odor and bacterial build-up in the box. All around this product is the best solution for your cat’s litter.

4. Modktat Top Entrance Best Litter Box

Modktat is among the top-notch product due to its squire-ish layout. Amazingly, this product is designed to eliminate the fear of all mess and provides countless advantages in addition to its helpful and stylish design as the litter box furniture. You will love the modern layout, at first sight, it full-featured litter that comes in the best form of home décor which can suit any room in the user’s house.

The dimensions are 20*15*16.8 inches offering your cat with accommodative zone to safely do its business with comfort. Further, it features a seamless base to typically prevent any urine leakage with high designed walls to avoid litter spillover.



- Easy to use and clean

- Modern and sleek design

- Reusable liner for straightforward storage of the scoop

- Convenient built-in and best storage of scoop

- Affordable compared to others related

- Plastic to absorb any odors

- Your cat might experience discomfort with the positioning

Essentially, it made with a patented cover that cleans the user’s cat’s paws keeping your floor from the cat litter. Thank you, for the swivel cover, which tends to address the issue of eradicating the entire lid to eventually clean the litter box. Someone can swivel the lid and get the job done effortlessly.

Additionally, the box is also delivered with a liner which is carefully designed to suit tightly inside the box. The reusable liner is designed to reduce utilize of plastic bags, which makes it eco-friendly products both for cats and the user. Lastly, this litter is rip-resistant and lasts up to 5 months of usage.

5. Cleavercat Best Entry Litter Box- Most Long-Lasting

This is among the most long-lasting cat litter box manufactured from powerful and thick plastic fabric with very careful craftsmanship. Meaning this product is designed to endure several years of usage with excellent services. Besides, it is delivered with measurements of 20*15*15 inches and can accommodate medium-sized cats to kittens.

Further, entrance length measures nine inches and this helps to prevent the dogs from accessing the litter while offering enough space for you cats to sit and jump in. Essentially, the sturdiness of superior–quality plastic, which makes this product stronger to withstands the cat’s impacts of many years.



- Perfect for traveling with many types of cars

- Prevents odor

- Top with amazing cleaning mat to avoid any tracking

- Great lid layout for less mess

- Stylish and minimalistic

- The off-brand liners do not suit well in the box

- A bit expensive compared to others

In essence, this litter box holds a massive amount of cat litter for moderate absorption and convenience. Thus, the user does not require to give it systematic cleaning for about one week. Besides the tall walls provides outstanding privacy for the cats, specifically those that love kicking and digging litter. The seamless sides prevent cat urine leakage and also keep the user’s floor free right from spilling litter everywhere.

Besides, you will love how this litter box features an amazing built-in mat attached to the specific lid that avoid cats from returning to the user’s floor with a liter sticking to their paws. Virtually, it also has holes for litter to eventually get back in the pan, preventing bad odors from accumulating inside the litter box. This product is designed to accelerate ventilation for smell-free and clean littering space.

6. SfORSTRA entry cat box

This litter comes completely enclosed ensuring that no messy odors will escape right to the user’s home, with no spillages. Besides, the little holes located right in the lid aid to eradicate the litter particles for the cat’s feet so they don’t spread the mess around the house. For the cats that like jumping straight to the floor, avoiding the mat this product is also designed to cater for them not to spread any mess.

In essence, the litter pan is amazing for the larger kitties because it comes with a massive hole in the top. Meaning the large cats will not need to squeeze through the small entrances, they come with sufficient space to get out and in of the tray with comfort.



- Massive entry pan and entry for bigger cats

- Affordable

- Neutral colors and sleek design

- Simple to clean with detachable lid

- Eliminates and reduces mess and smells

- Anti – litter lid is partially effective only

- Flimsy scoop meaning it better to purchase a separate one

Further, this litter box still is accommodative that your cats will move around perfectly and comfortably not like other liters which are very small that the cats cannot even move. Additionally, there is a window on the anterior that provides your cat with some light when it doing its private business.

Also, cleaning this product is easy and faster because the lid lifts wholly. The neutral colors and sleek layout still means this litter box can work perfectly in any home.

7. The Frequently Asked Questions On Top Entry Cat Litter box

1. Can the cat utilize the top entry litter box?

The simple answer is yes. The top-entry cat litter box is designed to eventually keep the user’s cats litter away from his/her sight. Further, many cats like private places where they do their businesses without disturbances.

2. Do cats prefer closed or open litter boxes?

Many cats tend to be comfortable and in love with a top-entry litter box. This is because this type offers a greater and sufficient space for them to sit, sleep and do their other related businesses freely. Additionally, they are best in odor control to other related categories of litter boxes, thus they keep the cat in clean environments, and many cat parents know that cats love to stay in a clean place.

3. What is a top-entry litter box?

This a helpful cat litter box with an amazing entrance on top, it differs from others that made with no tops. This type is the best for eliminating tracking, reduces odor, and prevents edge spills.

4. How do I keep the cat from keeping the litter everywhere?

Without further ado, below are five best solutions that can help you keep your beautiful kitty from keeping the litter everywhere;

  • Buy the litter mats
  • Make cleanup easy
  • Corner boxes are perfect for cats
  • Put the box in the best location most in private that appeals to your cat


Most of us, have once faced challenges and dilemmas on how to easily clean the litter box in our house and apartment. And as a result, the entry cat litter boxes are designed to make everything easier for use cats parents. I have selected the dependable and top-rated ones for you currently in the market. Choose from our above comprehensive guide to eventually own a valuable product. Good Luck

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