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Cat Water Bowls That Won’t Tip Over

Cats make the best pets out there. Although they are wonderful, loving, and happy pets to lighten your homes, they have their fair share of annoying habits. Tipping over their water bowl is one, but this has not been given much attention compared to more pressing habits like meowing into the wee hours of the night, bringing dead mice into the house, or clawing the furniture.

Are you tired of having to clean spills continuously? Though it is not much of a bother to you, water spills are dangerous:

  • It makes your floors slippery and not safe to walk on.
  • It slowly degrades your hardwood floors.
  • It wets your expensive woolen carpet.

So, how do you deal with water spills? The simple answer is to buy water bowls that won’t tip over. This article has been compiled to help you out with your feline friend.

In this article, you are going to understand:

  • Why cats tip over water bowls
  • Types of water bowls
  • Features of water bowls
  • How to choose a water bowl
  • Review of the best water bowls

Without further ado, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Why do cats tip over water bowls?

Kittens are known to be scared of water, as you all have heard. Don’t they want to avoid getting wet? Then why spill a water bowl?

Some of the reasons why your cat spills its water bowl include:

  • Boredom

Felines are very inquisitive creatures. Some cats find water splashes a source of entertainment. They would not mind putting in their paws now and then. Other cans find the reflective surface alluring. There are those cats that see water bowls as a toy, so they push them around the house, hence the water spills. Boredom could also be a reason. You need to buy more toys for your cat. This helps them see that the bowl is not that more entertaining to play with.

  • Water needs changing

Cats are the cleanest animals out here. They mind the environment they live in and the food and water they drink. If the water in the bowl has debris, fur, or any odd substance be 100% sure, your feline friend will not drink it. Instead, it will tip over the bowl as a sign that the water is not clean. You should change the water in the bowl at least twice a day.

  • Whisker fatigue

A cat does not like anything to rub against its whisker. It will tip over a water bowl to ensure it to their whiskers. Shallow bowls with wide openings should suffice the cat’s needs without irritating the whiskers.

  • Poor vision

The cat can also be trying to see whether there is water in the bowl. It is said that cats have weak up-close vision. Therefore, it is quite hard to tell if there is water in the bowl. To ascertain if there is water in the bowl, they dip their paw in the bowl or push it around. This causes water to ripple and even splash or spill resultantly.

Types of water bowls

There are numerous water bowls in the market you can choose from. But all these are of three types:

  • Standard water bowls

This is just the tried and tested true standard water bowl. You can choose from a wide range of materials and styles according to your preference.

  • Elevated water bowls

Some bowls feature an elevated design. This provides an elevated platform for your cat to drink water from. This reduces the chances of your feline splashing water or tipping over the bowl. Some cats also find these elevated bowls comfortable.

  • Fountain water bowls

Running water is safe and healthier to drink. This is why wild animals prefer to drink from rivers rather than still waters. Cats love running water. That is why they may push the water bowl to create ripples before they drink. Water fountain bowls bring about the running water effect. They are equipped with a small silent motor that keeps the water running.

Features of water bowls

Some of the features of the best cat water bowls that won’t tip are:

  • Easy to clean

The water bowl should be clean just like your utensils. A dirty bowl is a breeding ground for bacteria and molds, which cause diseases to your felines. You need a bowl that is easy to clean and preferably dishwasher safe.

  • Heavy

If your cat keeps tipping over its water bowl, perhaps it is time to get a heavier bowl. A heavy bowl is hard to push around let alone tip over.

  • Anti-skid

Bowls with non-slip material on the bottom will stick to one place. This prevents spills since it won’t be pushed around the room. A rubber or silicone base will serve you well.

  • Shape

Shape plays a major role in preventing spills and splashes. A wide base makes the bowl more stable, thus cannot be tipped easily. On the other hand, a lip over the top prevents splashes.

How to choose a cat water bowl that won’t tip

Choosing a product in the market is such a daunting task. With the many water bowls in the market, it is quite difficult to select one that is the best fit. Manufactures these days promise you heaven on earth just for you to make the purchase.

Here is a guide to help you out the next time you go shopping:

  • Cost

Water bowls are priced differently. Some are expensive while others are cheap. It is good to have a price range that won’t do much harm to your pockets before deciding to purchase. Buy only that product that falls within your price point. You do not need to buy the most expensive water bowl. Sometimes all you need is the cheaper bowl for better results.

  • Material

The material the bowl is made from is of important consideration. The bowl material should be safe and durable. Cat bowls should be BPA-free and food safe. Some of the most common materials are stainless steel, ceramic, and BPA-free plastic. The materials need to be durable for them to last longer. Many people prefer ceramic and stainless steel to plastic. This is because the latter can easily get claw marks. These marks could be the breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

  • Design

The right design depends entirely on what your cat is doing. Does your cat tip the bowl over? Is it splashing its paw into the bowl creating spills? Or is it pushing the bowl around for fun?

You need to choose a water bowl that is specifically designed to tackle the issue at hand. For this reason, you can select a weighted water bowl to prevent spilling water. A heavy bowl is hard to push around or tip over. Furthermore, a lipped design water bowl is sufficient to prevent water splashing.

  • Easy of cleaning

Cleaning should not be much of a hassle. It should be easy and quick. If you want a quick and easy cleaning, a dishwasher-safe bowl is all you need. But if you do not mind the extra time needed to clean a water fountain bowl, then go for it.

Product review:

1. URPOWER Dog Bowls

You are wondering why a dog bowl, aren’t you? URPOWER dog bowl is not only meant for a dog but also a cat too. Its design makes it ideal for your stubborn cat that loves to tip over or push a water bowl around. This bowl is a combo, meaning you can serve your cat both food and water simultaneously.

URPOWER Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl


It features a wide base, that not even the powerful cat can flip. It comes with two stainless steel bowls fixed on a non-slip silicone base. The base is wide enough to prevent tipping and can also act as a protective layer to your hardwood or tiled floors. Food and water spills will be held around the base to prevent them from reaching your floor.



- Easy to clean

- Full dinner set

- Non-slip silicone mat

- You may want to keep water and food separate

2. Catit Flower Water Fountain

If your fur friend likes splashing water, then this water fountain is all you need to do away with that bad habit. It is beautiful and very stylish. Catit Flower Water Fountain is designed to provide only the amount the cat needs at a given time. It has a reservoir that holds up to 3L, so you won’t have to keep refiling the fountain continuously.

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain, Cat Drinking Water Fountain


Buy On Amazon

isYoung Cat Fountain 1.6L Automatic Pet Water Dispenser With Pad


Buy On Amazon

Catit Flower Fountain With Stainless Steel


Buy On Amazon

This product is superb as it features a three-water setting to allow your cat to drink to its fill. With this fountain in your home, be rest assured your cat is drinking the cleanest water you can imagine of. The water fountain comes equipped with a three-level water filter mechanism, including a carbon filter. The weight of the water bowl together with the water capacity it carries makes it heavy enough to remain still.



- It is attractive.

- It is heavy thus cannot be flipped by your cat.

- There are no chances of splashing water.

- The electric hum scares sensitive cats.

3. Necoichi Raised Stress-Free Cat Water Bowl

This is one of the best-elevated water bowls in the market currently. It is specially built to make drinking and eating easier and more comfortable because the water bowl is lifted to the feline’s level. Many scientists agree that this elevated feature is great since it helps prevent cat vomiting. This is because the cat no longer has to lower its head too low to drink water.

NECO ICHI CATS FIRST Necoichi Raised Cat Bowl


Necoichi Raised Stress Free Cat Water Bowl 


Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl, Stress Free,


Neither will this bowl tip nor can a cat easily splash water from it. It weighs under 1 pound, hence can be sure it is heavy enough not to be tipped by your cat. Your cat will not tip this bowl over. Additionally, it has been designed with a small inner lip that prevents water spills on the ground. Thus, it is built for both splashers and flippers.

Furthermore, it helps you track your cat’s drinking. It has a scale engraved in it to allow you to measure the amount of water your cat drinks in a day.



- It is beautiful.

- It is comfortable for your cat.

- It is easy to track the amount of water your cat drinks.

- It is not very heavy.

4. Ethical Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

Does your cat only tip over the water bowl? This simply designed water bowl is sufficient to get rid of those daily unnecessary mopping. This heavy ceramic water bowl prevents water from spilling. It weighs 3.3 pounds. This is a very heavyweight for a cat. You can be assured that your cat won’t push or flip this water bowl.

Size: 9.5"


Size: 7.5"


Size: 5"


Size: 5"


It has a wide base for extra support. Additionally, the material is durable, thus it will last longer. However, you have to exercise caution since it can easily break if it falls from a distance. Lastly, it is easy and quick to clean, as it is dishwasher safe.



- It is heavy.

- It is dishwasher safe.

- It is affordable.

- It has to be filled frequently.

5. Bonza Double Cat Bowls

This combo fits snuggly into a silicone base that also has a raised lip. This silicone base functions to catch falling food and water splashes. This helps keep your floor clean and dry. The base does not only prevent spills but also prevents spillages too. It is slip-resistant, thus your cat cannot drag this bowl around the house no matter how hard it tries.

Bonza Double Cat Bowls Premium Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowls


The bowl is made from stainless steel and the base from a quality silicone material. They all are graded as food safe and BPA-free. Cleaning is super easy. All you need to do is pop up the bowl from the base and throw them all into the dishwasher.



- It is heavy.

- It is dishwasher safe.

- It is affordable.

- It has to be filled frequently.


Cats are fun pets. That is why you have them, right? Nevertheless, it is frustrating when you have to constantly clean the floor or go the extra mile of replacing your hardwood floor. To prevent this, this article has provided you with five of the best cat bowls that won’t tip over.

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